Hardware Support


Dental Hardware Supported

  • Intraoral Imaging – Complete integration of all digital dental x-ray sensors and Phosphorus plate technology along with all major practice management software applications
  • Extra oral Imaging – integration and maintenance of Panoramic and Cephalometric units from the list below
  • 2-D / 3-D Imaging – cone-beam technology
  • Acquisition PCs – designed for digital image acquisition.  Unix and Linux based servers available!


Digital Radiography Technology

  • Digital Radiography technology integration with all Practice Management Software
  • Great savings is can be accomplished with the integration of Digital Radiography. 
  • Digital X-ray Images = the elimination of film development!

We Support all Digital Radiography Systems including all manufactures
2d/3d / Cone Beam Imaging Systems

Clinical Charting| Schick | Dexis | Dentrix Imaging | Dolphin | Patient Gallery | Caesy and others |
Dimaxsis / Planmeca| Gendex | Henry Schein / i-CAT cone beam 3-D | Instrumentarium | Sirona / Sidexis / Galileos 3-D
ScanX /Vipersoft |


Computer Hardware Supported

Dental computer hardware and medical computers are Intel based and guaranteed to be compatible with your medical application management software, x-ray imaging systems and any other equipment. We only use Intel parts. 


Once again – only Intel base Servers. 
Dependability Built In - A true business-class server provides business-class dependability. Intel Xeon processor E3 family-based servers offer a variety of advanced security features to help protect your data and keep your server
up and running 24/7, minimizing costly interruptions and potentially catastrophic data loss.
Raided Servers All Levels 1-5 Hot Swappable .


“Downtime, data loss, and security breaches can be very expensive. Did you know that losing or accidentally disclosing customer information costs on average more than $140 per customer record?
Half of this is due to lost business.”





We are authorized to work with the following software and hardware leaders