Automating Your Office


Understanding Dental Practices

Each one of our clients is different with different needs for their practice. Because of our experience, we can adapt to their specific needs. We understand what needs to be done with:

  • Computer Hardware specifications and setups
  • Cable and network wiring
  • Operatory systems
  • Xrays imaging software and training
  • Computer software specifications and installations
  • Computer software patches
  • Paperless Offices
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Operatory systems
  • Xrays imaging software and training
Backups and Disaster Recovery
We understand how valuable your data is and work closely with you to set up systems for backups and disaster recover. Contact our office to find out more.


Virus Protection and Anti- Spyware

Virus spyware can shut down your computer and shut down your operation. We have certain tools that monitor, and remove viruses and spyware. Contact our office for details.